“Bread & Salt: Stories from the Armenian Church” is an exciting new video and podcast series produced by the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America. The Eastern Diocese is seeking support from generous people who can help us realize this vision to its full extent.

While script research and writing, as well as film editing and sound mixing, is completed by Diocesan staff in New York, supplemental footage is filmed in Armenia—in our homeland’s historic monasteries and other ancient sites. Your contribution to the “Bread & Salt” initiative is also helping support Armenia’s filmmakers, actors, costume designers, and other artists.

Each video episode costs approximately $3,000 to produce, but we are grateful for any support you can extend to this initiative. No amount is too small, and all contributions are tax-exempt. All supporters will be acknowledged.

Here is how your support can help:

  • Filming in Armenia with a local crew
  • Casting and hiring local actors in Armenia
  • Costume design in Armenia
  • Equipment rental in Armenia
  • Sound post-production in New York
  • Obtaining music licenses in New York
  • Obtaining stock footage in New York
  • Maintaining the “Bread & Salt” website