In “Choices” episode two, Fr. Tateos Abdalian shares a story of the power of the cross in the life of a desperate young man.

More on the Blue Cross

The video of the Blue Cross has generated much conversation, especially among parishioners from the Providence and Watertown communities. They remember the cross with the blue neon outline that emitted its message from their church buildings. The accurate meaning of the word “landmark” can truly be found in those two crosses. 

You heard in the video how the cross on the church in Providence, RI, reached out into the dark to save the life of a young man. Imagine how he must have felt after praying to God, looking for an answer, opening his eyes and seeing the sight of the radiant blue cross in the distance. 

Also, for pilots flying into the T. F. Green airport in Providence, the blue cross on the church was a “guide-on,” a directional guide that pointed the way to their destination. The cross should be our directional guide as well, pointing not to an airport, but to Our Lord Jesus Christ and his saving grace.

For me, growing up in Watertown, the blue cross atop our St. James Church was also a landmark. It was a bold sign of the presence of Christ, especially for those who were survivors of the horrors of the Armenian Genocide, like my father.

Maybe it was the color blue that radiated warmth; maybe it was being at a height that towered above the two-family homes in the neighborhoods that surrounded the church; maybe it was simply a sign of hope that the Cross of Christ exudes.   

All I know, it was always a glorious, powerful, and meaningful sight to behold. Even without a neon outline, the Cross of Christ should radiate brightly in our hearts and show itself through our daily lives. 

Let me suggest, if you wear a cross around your neck, before putting it on, hold it in your hand and say a prayer to God, asking for his guidance as you begin your day.  When you take it off, again say a prayer of thanks for the day lived, and maybe ask for the gift of tomorrow.   

Many have gone to Jerusalem and have had the sign of the cross tattooed on their forearm. This was confirmation that you made a pilgrimage to the Holy City. For those who wear this mark, as you begin or end your day, place your opposite hand over it and offer your prayers.  What is imprinted on your arm should not be only an ink drawing, but a sign of your commitment as a Christian, a follower of Christ. 

Has the visible sign of the Cross of Christ had an impact in your life? Perhaps you can share that experience with others. You never know, you may just be the catalyst leading someone to discover their Lord, just as it did for the young man in Providence. 

—Fr. Tateos Abdalian is the host of “Choices”

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