The disciples of Jesus were 12 unexceptional men. But He sculpted them into history-changers. In “Choices” episode three, Fr. Tateos Abdalian explains that Jesus can do that with us too.

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“Failure is not an option!”

Where have you heard that before?

But failure when handled properly can be a valuable teaching tool.

In the recent Choices episode titled “Soul Sculptor,” we get an understanding of how Christ, the master teacher, taught his disciples to become the force in the world who would spread the Gospel message of his resurrection.

They were mostly simple, uneducated men, who in the beginning and even along the way, struggled to understand what Jesus wanted them to learn. But slowly, with Jesus as their teacher, they developed into the men we now refer to as the Apostles: those who became the teachers themselves, and would bring the Good News to the world.

Their mistakes along the way were evident. But they persevered, continued to follow their teacher, and did not “drop-out,” so to speak—except for one.

But Christ did not give up on them. And he will not give up on us.

When each of us was baptized, when we were presented to the church, we were put on a path leading to Christian perfection. As we emerged from the waters of the font, the priest announced: “You that have put on Christ, Alleluia!”

As Christian Armenians, we are a people who “have put on Christ,” have declared for over seventeen hundred years that we belong to Christ. We carry the mark of his cross on our souls.

The video spoke of an unhewn block of stone. Think of how a human soul might resemble such a block of stone. Untouched, it remains without form, beauty, or meaning. In careless hands, one wrong blow of the hammer can turn it into a pile of rubble, with no purpose or practical use. But in the hands of the Master…

Well, you get the idea.

A block of stone will never become a work of art without the artist working his craft. Neither will we become true disciples of Christ unless the Master carves away at us, to reveal the hidden treasure within. That Master wants to bring out the hidden treasure within you—but only if you are willing to allow it to happen.

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